“…don’t get annoyed when things aren’t handed to you on a plate”

Fragments of a Broken Land is a rich, thought-provoking fantasy read with elements of horror.

Sean Wright’s review of Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead on the review site Adventures of a Bookonaut, emphasises several important issues relating to the novel, including the richness of the world and its history, the fact that there are two interwoven plot threads (a “fairly straightforward fantasy quest” and another that deals with “the metaphysics, the unseen forces that impact on the first”) and the use of “poetry and song” (successfully, he argues). He also discusses the fact that the novel makes considerable demands on a reader’s attention (as have other reviewers — all positively, I’m happy to say).

It’s the mystery that pulls you through the book, the desire to know how Hood can pull the story, the world, together.

His conclusion on this point suggests that, in order to enjoy the book fully, a reader needs to take a “mature” approach to reading and he suggests that such readers  “…don’t get annoyed when things aren’t handed to [them] on a plate.”Read the full review here.

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