From this page you will be able to access material related to Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead. Over time, or as I write it, I will make available stories set in the world of Tharenweyr, sometimes during different times featuring different characters, sometimes giving insight into the back-stories of characters from the novel. Some of it will be material removed from earlier drafts, some complete poems and lyrics that are only included in fragmentary form in the novel, some new material. Most of it will be free (at least for a while).

Now Available in PDF, epub, mobi formats:

  • Tamed

Short story. Set in a rural area on the lower coastal fringe of Tenen within the Rheateeshan continent. It was originally published in the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology Dreaming Downunder, edited by Jack Dann and Janeen Webb (Voyager Australia, 1998; Tor Books, 2001). It takes place not long after the events of Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead.


  • Dark Witness

Short story. The back-story of Tanuul-Aridor, chief acolyte of Lord Worjaren Rehemon of Dagest-Yanu. This was a flashback that was, in this form, edited from the novel, leaving only fragments of it in the final text.




  • Garuthgonar and the Abyss

Novella. The story of Shaan’s father, Durras, and how Shaan’s people escaped from the Valley of Azsh. It is set long before the events of Fragments of a Broken Land” Valarl Undead.





  • The opening sections of Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead: a sample.
  • Broken Verses: a collection of poetry and lyrics from Fragments of a Broken Land, most of which appear only in fragmentary form in the novel itself.
  • The Unliving Seed: the complete libretto of an opera set in an earlier legendary time in Tharenweyr’s history. Story and text by Robert Hood, with assistance from Margaret Curtis. Music by Jim Franklin.
  • Relevant chapters from my MA (Hons) thesis on mystic poet/artist William Blake.
  • “Buried Cities”: a short story set in Koerpel-Na around the same time as the events of Fragments.
  • An extensive glossary.
  • Maps and historical images.

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