Fragments First Official Event


On Saturday evening/night, Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead wasn’t officially launched — that takes place at Conflux 9 in Canberra on Friday 26th April — but it had its inaugural official promotional event: a book signing in conjunction with a first birthday bash at Chuck McKenzie’s excellent bookshop Notions Unlimited in Chelsea, Victoria. Below is Chuck doing the honours:

Chuck_at_signingI didn’t say much, apart from “The book’s brilliant and a great read” and “You really should buy a copy” — at least not as part of a speech. I said plenty to anyone who asked, and to my delight they did. In attendance were some old friends, but also lots of strangers (to me anyway) and Chuck did a roaring trade in Fragments … well, maybe not a roaring trade, but it wasn’t a whimper either. I ended up signing a surprising number of copies (legitimately) and a few when Chuck wasn’t looking:


Afterwards I signed more copies for Chuck (he asked me to!) and some of them are still available in store.

In between I bought a heap of graphic novels, just to make Chuck happy… no, really! Look, somehow the pile kept getting bigger. Okay! Meanwhile, attendees ate cake, bought more books, drank, laughed, discussed whether or not Marvel should make a movie featuring Deadpool. My ever-supportive partner Cat Sparks took some great pictures and all was right with the world.

Check out all Cat’s pictures here.

There’s this strange thing that authors do once their book appears in a bookshop — they take note of the books surrounding it on the shelves. Here’s mine:

Fragments-shelvedWilliam Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land and other books, such as a collection of Carnacki stories, Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg (which was filmed in 1986 as Angel Heart), some of Susan Hill’s books, including her great ghost tale, Woman in Black, Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts — even some Robert E. Howard tomes. Terrific company!